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Mansory Luxury Modification Firm Redesigns The Aston Martin DBX

Mansory Luxury Modification Firm Redesigns The Aston Martin DBX
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Mansory is looking to ruin possibly every vehicle in existence. The DBX happens to bring all of the hybrid iterations for a SUV. And a sporty upgrade. Except it’s too much. And when you have a brand as recognizable as an Aston Martin, then you can see why Mansory may be a threat. The vehicle, therefore has been put under major jeopardy. This combo of Mansory and the Aston Martin is quite a confusing sight.

To begin with, Mansory makes the Aston Martin SUV larger and in-charger.

They take the V8 motor while also adding two bigger turbochargers, while also throwing in an air filter, a sports exhaust setup and a new engine management system. And yet, does it look aesthetically pleasing? Maybe to a penguin, an ostrich or some other bird that can’t fly. But not to everyone. Mansory, in signature style decides to update the DBX with a lightweight hood, full of additional air outlets and Mansory brands along the flanks of the car. But by creating these carbon fiber wings, this therefpre makes the vehicle look less like a joy and more like a joke.

The DBX therefore looks “more powerful, but also lower and more elongated,” if that’s a word that you can say without vomiting. Mansory was happy to give the vehicle some high performance that can reach about 800 horsepower. But what’s the point if you look worse than Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket to space? Perhaps this is only butter to bread for Aston Martin, as the likelihood of their vehicle having a second life in it’s intended fashion is always imminent. It’s a clear indication that Mansory just doesn’t want to settle for less when it comes to the caliber of the vehicle that they make inconvenient. Such is the way of the industry.

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